I was raised in Phoenix Arizona in my grandfather's house. I was one of the few of my friends lucky enough to have two parents. One that told me I could be anything I wanted in life, and the other who told me only if I worked harder than everyone else. I grew up biracial, skinny, energetic and awkward. Needless to say, I never felt like I belonged. I grew up confused about so many things in life. I've spent so many of those days feeling lost. Then one day I found something that made sense. I was 8 when I found the thing that would help me believe that I did belong, that I was supposed to be here, and that I had a purpose. I found it in a 3rd-grade choir class. It was music.


Throughout my years of trying to understand and process everything that happened to me, music was my compass. I've been in love, I've been heartbroken. I was a virgin, I become a whore. I was poor, I became rich, and I gave it all away to become poor once again. I grew up in a small neighbourhood. I've travelled the world. I have lived a hundred different lives and through it, all music has been the one constant. At the end of this life, I hope to have told a story that people would want to listen to. I want to tell stories that help people heal. The stories that make people feel as though they are not alone, and that they belong to someone or something. I want to tell the story that life has an endless amount of options to choose from. That no matter what someone tells you, you can be whomever you wish to. I want to tell the story that helps people believe again. 


I've spent the majority of my life trying to be what other people wanted. But in October of 2015, I quit my 6 figure job, sold my house, and bought a one-way ticket from Chicago to London. Everything I brought with me fit into one large osprey backpack. It was while I was on the road playing music where I discovered who I was, and the possibilities of my life. It was in Barcelona where I began to believe that the dream I harboured throughout all of my childhood could become a reality. And it was in Japan where I made the decision to dedicate the rest of my life to making that dream my reality. Deep in the mountains of Koyason, I would find myself meditating on the idea of my lice. And In a little cafe in the Shinjuku district of tokoyo, I would write the business plan to what would become the rest of my life.


Since that day, my music has been played in 72 countries for people all around the world. I've performed in front of thousands of people. I've had the honour of creating music with hundreds of people from around the world that  I respect. I've woken up every day since that decision grateful and dedicated. My name is Cody Apache Grosse and I this is my story.




Apache Grosse is an alternative r&b artist hailing from Chicago. He builds songs around the thematic elements of love, identity, and coping with the pressures of living up to your own expectations. While he dabbles in darkness, his message is ultimately grounded in perseverance and self-acceptance.

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